Smoke-Free Policy: Ahead of the Curve?

Discussion created by tjcnewyork on Feb 21, 2009
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Marriott's efforts to create smoke-free environments at all of their properties is ahead of the curve.  The smoke-free policy demonstrates Marriott's leadership in giving high priority to the health, comfort, safety and well-being of their guests and associates.  Is the smoke-free policy implemented at Marriott Vacation Clubs and Marriott Resorts?  I applaud the smoke-free villa policy implemented at the Imperial Palm, Royal Palm and Sabal Palm resorts in Orlando and look forward to the day of a smoke-free vacation resort environment.


Florida is among several forward-thinking states that passed legislation extending the prohibition of smoking in common public areas to include outdoor areas like playgrounds and day care centers.  Several hospitals and healthcare facilities in Florida have even adopted smoke-free parking zones! 


Marriott is not alone in creating outdoor designated smoking areas.  But, creating such areas adajent to swimming pool decks, sports courts and building entranceways merits re-thinking.  Young children go everywhere, and parents follow.  There are issues to contend with:

  • Second-hand smoke exposure
  • Unsightly "butt litter" on wet toes
  • Cleaning and maintenance cost
Have you seen any practical solutions?  Is the $250 Room Recovery Fee working at your favorite resort? What about implementing smoke-free vacation resorts along with a Resort Recovery Fee?