Breaking up is hard to do ...

Discussion created by hoopscribe on Oct 23, 2008

I've stayed at Marriotts for four decades and collected millions of points. Every vacation I have taken over that time has included a stay at a Marriott, almost always with excellent service and smiles. I have coaxed many colleagues and friends from other hotel chains by trumpeting my experiences with the Marriott brand.

 But these changes end all that. In this economy, I was really counting on Marriott to help me make sure my family still gets a payoff in vacation for all the time I am away from them, and in your hotels. But these exorbident and very ill-timed increases will succeed in severing out relationship at the end of the year. I will use my points, devalued as they are, and sadly look elsewhere for a hotel partnership.

 Thanks for everything Marriott. It's been a great ride.