London in September - George Michael Anyone?

Discussion created by padirescu on Aug 7, 2008
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Ok, before everyone starts chiding me about this post let me add two disclaimers.  1) I know he's gay  2) A happy wife = A happy life.

Now with that out of the way, my wife & I will be spending a week in London this September on vacation staying at the Marriott County Hall.  While I've been to London on business, this will be my wife's first visit and something she's been looking forward to for a while.  Now comes the interesting part.  My wife is a HUGE George Michael fan.  To give you an idea, she recently went to two of his US concerts afterward claiming it was one of the best times she's ever had.  So given that he lives in London I was wondering if a) any of the elite members here may have some connections that could get her introduced to the man who's music she idolizes or b) know of any local restaurants that he frequents where I might get the chance for her to meet him?

We all have dreams whether normal or strange and one of my wife's has been to actually meet George Michael and I'm hoping to pull this off as a Anniversary present to her while we're in London.  Any help or suggestions from other Elites would be greatly appreciated!