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Beverly Hills, CA!

Question asked by jerrycoin on May 9, 2015
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Would like to share some experiences with you on last months wonderful trip to La-La Land!


(If you have additional thoughts, questions or experiences, please share.  It is always great to learn something new!)


The purpose of the trip was purely holiday, and it was not the first, but each one is always a unique experience.  Would like to share the following:




Travel from LAX to RI/BH has always been rather difficult.  Taxi's are very expensive, rental cars are also expensive, and with luggage it is no fun taking shuttle buses, solved the problem!  This time took a "Modified UBER", never done this before, but was referred to me by an LA friend.  The one way trip, with his help securing my baggage, cost $40!  That is less than half of a taxi, and eliminated the hassle of getting a rental car.  Was at hotel in less than 30 minutes.  What a break!  From there, the next day, I rented a Hertz car, at the RI, and it was a "Whopping" $30/day, and most pleasant, with unlimited mileage.


That's the Hertz office in the garage, and that's the front desk, just to the right!  There is a parking charge, but if you check-your car in prior to leaving the hotel there is no parking charge, once you have returned your car!


The return to LAX, was done with the same driver, and was an easy way to avoid checking in at LAX!




Really wanted to try some new places and especially places that I had always read about, but never been.  Most interesting experiences:


Saturday Night,  THE POLO LOUNGE, this was a real interesting place.  Staff was wonderful, the food was very nice, (Cost for two was about $100 total), the clothing outfits were different, and the music during dinner made for a great experience.  Would enjoy going back!



The dinner at The Polo Lounge was highlighted with a comped shuffle for our Anniversary!


Sunday Night, SPAGO, and while I did not see Wolfgang, it was a really fine meal.  It was way more casual than I expected, and the staff was really pleasant.  Again, the cost for two was right at $100 total, but most relaxing, and there was patio dining, if you would like that better.



The oyster's were some of the finest I have had, and the kitchen was managed so professionally!


Monday night was especially memorable, as our "Magician friend" took us to The Magic Castle, and dinner and the shows were remarkable.


It's dressy, but if you have a chance to go to this historic place, do go!




Located in Long Beach, this historic ship, was used for some of the filming of the movie Titanic, and the dining at SIR WINSTON'S was very special!

Again, a cost around $100 for the two of us, and the fine beef filet and seafood were only exceeded by the wonderful views from the ship.


A beautiful day in Long Beach, nearby is The Ren. and RI!


The dining room is relaxing and the views are romantic.


Wed., CRAIG'S, this place was recommended for it's "Celebrity" patrons, and uniqueness, that it was!  Paparazzi was around the place, and while I am sure there were famous people there, this "Mid-Westerner", did not know some of the people, others were impressed by.  One thing, bring your e-plugs, while the food is great, and the place casual, it is rowdy.  Some celeb was having a Birthday Party, and there were show girls dancing around the lounge, you don't see that every night in St. Louis!


This place was WILD!


Thursday, MALIBU, and a nice dinner along the coast!


GEOFFRY'S, in N. Malibu was beautiful for dining by the Pacific!


SHOPPING in Beverly Hills, is most interesting!  You will see a little of everything!


Can you guess which car is my rental?



No, it is not the yellow Rolls!



Shopping would not be complete without a cupcake, from Sprinkles!  Thank-you Aviation! - 46 for his suggestion!


The BH/RI is located less than a mile from Rodeo Drive, and the location is great for dining, shopping, sightseeing, or ?.  BTW, I did not see it, but another MRI reported that a new Marriott is being built nearby!



I just hope you enjoy this part of the World as much as I did!