Challenging Experience

Discussion created by bwonder on May 5, 2015
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After multiple attempts to reach out to someone at Marriott only to get boiler plate language in return while ignoring my chief compliant, I made the decision to transfer my balance from my Chase Marriott card and close my account with MR as a Gold Elite Member.  I found it quite disturbing that they don't make it clear "TVL" does not accumulate points when it clearly has in the past.  It seems like a rookie managerial mistake to enforce this policy without warning or notice when the past practice was to give these points to a very important customer segment who can carry a lot of sway with the traveling public not to mention their own contributions to the bottom line.  I made my previous stays while trying to keep gold status on a 6 stay run only to find out the money I paid (which was more than competing hotels) is brushed off as not worthy by Marriott standards for this purpose.


Reading on here that even Platinum Elite members are being brushed off I knew my complaints would only fall on deaf ears. I write in the hope Marriott reviews this policy instead of losing quality customers over something as simple as crediting past stays and providing transparency that future stays under certain codes will no longer accumulate the desired points.