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Why will marriott not back date their Gold Challenge?  Why number of stays instead of nights?

Question asked by ninz on May 5, 2015
Latest reply on May 7, 2015 by jsucool76

I'm platinum at Starwood and usually stay at Starwood hotels, but some recent travels have had me at a bunch of Marriott brand hotels.  I'm a consultant and travel every week so I'm pretty familiar with status matches and challenges.  Starwood's platinum challenge will let you back date the start of a challenge within reason (i.e. if it's currently May, they would let me make the challenge start April 1, to include past stays).  I asked if Marriott would do the same, and was told no.  I was also told that there is no Platinum Challenge, rather only a gold challenge, and that I would have to have 6 different stays, rather than a number of nights.  Is this truly the case?  Has anyone else had the same experience?  If so, I am seriously disappointed in Marriott and will be taking my business exclusively to Starwood from now on.