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Best family friendly Marriott on Hawaii Big Island

Question asked by paddyscherrer on May 6, 2015
Latest reply on May 11, 2015 by peterh

So here we go: I am sick of the completely overpriced and overrated Hotels on Maui and Oahu. This is while we will be going to Big Island for the 3rd year in a row now. Here I have 3 properties to choose from.:


1. The Courtyard King Kamehameha's Kona Beach Hotel. Just increased to be cat. 7. Thanks Marriott for 2 increases in a row. Used to be a cat 5. to use my certs on.

2. Waikoloa Beach Marriott Resort & Spa. Can go as low as $152.

3. Mauna Kea Beach Hotel, Autograph Collection (new and fancy, but good for families?)

4. Rumors of a new vacation club coming?


So what is your family pick? Hey, a couple of 2 does nor counts as family here . I am always struggling to choose between the King Kam and the Waikoloa. Which one is yours?