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AA - Up to 60,000 Bonus Miles

Question asked by pluto77 on Apr 30, 2015
Latest reply on May 25, 2015 by jsucool76

AA is having a mileage purchase deal this month, where you can get up to 60,000 bonus miles.  Buy Miles; Gift Miles | American Airlines AAdvantage Program  I normally never would consider purchasing miles unless I was a little bit short on booking an award ticket, but this seems like it might be an economical way to gain enough miles to be able to book another round trip business class ticket on a 77W (pretty fantastic product) from LAX to LHR or CDG.  The amount of miles + bonus that I'm considering purchasing would put me well over the amount needed for my next business class R/T ticket to Europe and back.  It would cost about $1100 and I am thinking that this would be a pretty good deal.  My only concern is that AA might change their redemption chart (I wouldn't be traveling until next year) and that I would be forever chasing the new amount of miles needed for an award ticket of this type.  I am asking for any thoughts or opinions regarding this idea, especially from folks like kharada46, iahflyr, californian and zukracer, but all opinions are appreciated.  The offer ends today, so I have to make up my mind pretty quick.


Good deal/idea or no?