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New Gimmick by Champs - Elysees Paris Marriott in order to get additonal Revenue for award stays?

Question asked by jasper100 on Apr 29, 2015
Latest reply on May 4, 2015 by jerryl

It is sad when the Marriott starts pulling this gimmick on their customers. I went to book this hotel for 28 May through 2 June 2015. To my suprise, they had a room available using 180,000 points but added on a surcharge of 250 Euro per day (for the 5 days) if you wanted to book the room. This does not seem to be right to me when a room is available, it should be offered for the points only or they should not be offering the room up for points at all.


By the way, I am currently in the Maldives at the Conrad Hilton using points without the Hilton trying to gauge their customer with extra dollars to use their points. I will be posting some of my videos of this trip when I return to the states.


Community Manager - please advise on this new approach for charging extra for Elite members wanting to book a room with points.