Another Insider meet up (bejacob and foxglove)

Discussion created by bejacob on Apr 27, 2015
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This last week, I spent Friday evening at the SHS in foxglove's hometown.  We met for dinner and he took me on a tour of the local area.


bejacob and foxglove.jpg

bejacob and foxglove after enjoying dinner a couple beers.


I've been fortunate to meet several members of this community (jerrycoin, erc, pluto77, the communitymanagers, and now foxglove). Each time the conversation seems to pick up from various discussions from MRI. Though we had not met in person before, we already knew each other from our posts (I asked him about his garden and he inquired about my progress on county collecting).


In addition to those mentioned above, other Insiders (brightlybob, iahflyr, vaboywnder, and several others) became part of our evening as we chatted about some of the current posts and replies on this forum. Naturally, we talked about our plans for upcoming trips (yes, kharada46, I brought up my trip to Hawaii later this year ) as well as Marriott promotions and MRI contests (congrats foxglove for winning the Spring Snaps photo contest).


If you're even even close to his neighborhood, I highly recommend a visit with foxglove. He is a class act.