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What helps having member guarantees if they are not observed?

Question asked by miguelinoo on Apr 29, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2015 by lindseyh

Hi guys!


I have an issue with the  Fairfield Inn & Suites at the Keys Collection, which was supposed to open these days.


I have a confirmed reservation from may 1st to may 3rd for a Studio Room.


Sunday night I received a message assuring that they can't accomodate me and that  for this reason - they have booked a room at a non Marriott hotel, owned by the same group of investors, guaranteeing me 'THE SAME RATE, providing a light breakfast and waiving the resort fee'.


This even without asking my opinion before.


The Marriott Rewards® Elite Benefits Guarantee says:



Ultimate Reservation Guarantee

If for some reason we’re unable to honor your reservation, we’ll pay for your accommodations that night at a nearby hotel and compensate you for the inconvenience. To be eligible, you must provide your Marriott Rewards membership number when making a reservation. Compensation varies by hotel brand. [ALL LEVELS]

   Ultimate Reservation Guarantee  
So, what it helps me to have such guarantees if the Hotels claims not being responsable for that, nor belonging yet to the Marriott Family?
Later on the responsable sent a message assuring that "The hotel which we reserved for you is a 4-star hotel, while the one you originally booked at was a 2.5 star hotel." - I don't care how much stars my hotel has as long as I know what I will get. Besides, I have reserved a Studio Room, what means, Living and Bed Room, but the new WOW location don't offer such type of accomodation, so how come they ask me I still have to pay for that?!