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Honeymoon suggestions for France

Question asked by checkheck on Apr 21, 2015
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I hope this finds you all well.  My fiancé and I are getting married a year from now and are looking to take a 10-14 day honeymoon to France.  She has hinted that this is where she would like to go - thus we will be going!  However, I have never been to France and don't know what to expect.


I am a PP Marriott member and hope to be able to use points for air and hotel.  I know we would want to stay a few nights in Paris and then be able to travel throughout the Country.  Thoughts and suggestions on where to stay?  What are some fun/cool romantic ideas?


I know France has multiple wine regions but I don't see any Marriott hotels in the Bordeaux region.  Thoughts on where we should stay should we go that route?  Other wine regions we should look at?


Ideally we would stay 7 nights in one location to take advantage of the mileage option to redeem points but I am really open to figuring out what is best and how we should allot our time.


Thanks for your help!