Being Walked at 1:30AM!!!!!

Discussion created by stelzer001 on Apr 30, 2015
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So am haven't posted in a while, and may not again.


Here's my rant: Lifetime Platinum, still stay at Marriott allot, but not 100% like I used to. So I fly to NY (where I live in the area of NYC) from a Business Trip to LA. Land at 1am, and have an 8am meeting next day (this all happened last night/today) which is why I got a room in NYC versus going home and adding 2.5 hours of commute to a long day. I have a Platinum elite reservation at the Renaissance Times Square. I arrive at hotel at 1:45AM. Hotel says, we have good news and bad news. Bad news, we are sold out, no room for you, so sorry. I say how can this be? well, seems like a large group at Ren failed to check out. How can Ren not know this?????. How can they not say to them, sorry, we have people checking in, you must leave, we will re accommodate you at Marriott TS if you want. So you say, what is the good news? The "Good news", we are walking you to the Marriott in Times Square, we will pay for your room. Given my status, given a guarantee rez, I was gobsmacked at there not being a room for me. No offer to help me get to Marriott (yes, I know its 1.5 block away). So at almost 2am, I walk with a cert from the Ren for a "free room" at Marriott. The Marriott check in didnt know I was coming (despite the Ren saying they called for me). So I get the $100 (it was slipped under my door prior to my check out at 7am - , Boo Yah), but no credit for a night stayed, no points, nothing yet in my account.

Tell me, how can the ren not have a room for me????