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Who has the authority to extend stays when rooms are sold out?

Question asked by wanderer168 on Apr 26, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2015 by brightlybob

Hi all,


I've got a small dilemma that I'm hoping this forum can help me with:  I'm on assignment in Detroit, and my current reservation goes from 4/6-4/30.  I just found out that the assignment will last through the end of 2015.  I was able to add on a further reservation from 5/1 through 5/25, but it looks like after 5/25, the Marriott that I'm currently staying at has no more rooms.


The Marriott I'm in is a perfect location fohe job, and I'd like to stay in the same place (same room if possible), but when I try to book anything after 5/25, there are no rooms available.  So, my questions are:  how full is "full"?  And who would have the authority to allow me to extend my stay for a good 6 months?  Is that the general manager? his/her assistant?  And if so, is there an easy way to contact him/her?


Thanks for any suggestions.