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Question asked by pk21 on Apr 23, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2018 by hallchr

Its surprising to know the STRANGE FACTS ABOUT MARRIOTT:


1. Marriott does not recognize a stay of a member, which is just got completed. (Unless a guest specifies the stay details to their staff).


2. Did you know: Marriott systems are not automated for stay credits. It is done manually by individual properties. So far, Marriott has been faking to its members that these are automated.

3. Marriott staff purposefully delay the stay credits of members, so that, the members can't utilize their points promptly. And, the funniest thing is, the stay credits are not done at all, unless the guests follow up with multiple staff members, to get the credits.

4. Mobile check-in facility is just a show off. You still need to stand in the queue and get the formalities done, just like the normal procedure which otherwise followed without mobile check-in.

Well.., there could be many more. At least, I could figure these out, out of my own experience since last 2 years.

I would encourage all members to voice out in this forum, if this list goes on further.