Bed bugs and terrible customer service- what are next steps?

Discussion created by sprocket on Apr 16, 2015
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I stayed at a Courtyard Marriott in College Station almost two weeks ago, woke up and turned the light on, moved my pillow, and bugs literally went everywhere.  I grabbed my phone and was able to get some videos of them scrambling everywhere.  I travel in a silk sleeping bag (thank god or I would have bites everywhere) and there were larger ones crawling out from under it, and small, more clear ones on top of it (I now know those were young ones).  I called the front desk, said I was getting dressed and getting out of that room, and when I went downstairs with my luggage to get out of there, the front desk person had the audacity to hint that I must have brought them with me- (yeah, all 20 or 30 or however many were crawling around, including babies, have been hitching a ride with me all day, including after my shower- give me a break!).  So I called later and spoke to the manager, who said they would follow up and never did.  So I called two days later and spoke to the GM, who was professional, but said she would offer only offer half the stay for free.  I said I am not paying for any nights for sleeping in a bug filled room, let alone what I had to go through to NOT stay there another night, and my time, gas (driving 2 hours home that night and back the next morning for my event), mental trauma from this, new suitcase I had to buy, new silk sleeping bag I had to order, etc. From that point she promised she would follow up with me when she got the pest control report.  I waited two more days and finally called corporate Marriott, who said it takes 3-5 days to receive the lab report back (why didn't she tell me that or email me that information so I wasn't following up 2 days later??) Meanwhile, my stuff was still sitting in a garbage bag in the garage until I found out the results of this report. On day 11 from when the incident happened I called corporate Marriott AGAIN to say I was still waiting.  Finally on day 6 (from when I calculate they fogged the room), she sends me the lab report confirming they are bed bugs, no apology, doesn't even acknowledge the bed bugs at all, and apologizes that I didn't get this report earlier, "previous email did not go through." Please.  My friends also staying the same weekend had asked the front desk how they deal with a pest problem and the girl made it clear they were NOT bed bugs, bed bugs don't come out of the crevices under the bed. Wow, nice response.  Sorry to say she was clearly wrong and handled that situation terribly.

It's not like a found a hair on the floor, I woke up in a bed full of BUGS and this is how I am treated??  Both calls to corporate Marriott I had nice and professional customer service agents, but they really just referred it back to the hotel.  Needless to say, I am out several hours of my time, so many sleepless nights since then as I can't stop thinking about all the bugs crawling around me, money for a suitcase, a silk sleeping bag, two tops and two pairs of jeans that got ruined washing everything on sanitation and drying on high heat (ruined all the embellishments but I wasn't taking any chances), and still the fear that some found their way home with me.  Thank you Marriott for a lifetime of nightmares, while you can't predict when a room will have bugs (although this many had to be breeding for awhile), you can at least treat a customer with some respect.  Honestly, if it had been handled properly from the beginning, I wouldn't even be wasting more of my time leaving reviews.