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Very disappointed in my recent conversation with Customer care supervisor

Question asked by tock on Apr 6, 2015
Latest reply on May 26, 2015 by carij

Hi everyone:


First time posting here, and quite frankly online in general on any complaints.  Was wondering if someone had a department or individual within Marriott corporate I can speak to about the treatment I just received at the hands of a Marriott Customer Care Supervisor in Omaha, NE I just spoke with when calling in on the Marriott Gold Elite service line (4/6/2015).  Marriott always suggests that their calls are recorded for training purposes and I truly hope they really are.  If this is the best Marriott has to offer in terms of support (and interesting enough as a supervisor responsible for training others), their customer service training efforts are coming up woefully short.


I would like to escalate but not sure who to speak to.  Can someone please advise?  Funny my initial issue that I was calling the Customer Care line for help on worked itself act (thanks to help directly from the hotel itself), but now created another one with a poor Marriott Customer Care supervisor that should never really have happened in the first place.  I am a long time Marriott supporter & Rewards member, and one bad instance does not make me want to just pack up and go elsewhere, however, it does make me question how seriously my (and everyone's) loyalty is truly valued.


thanks in advance