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TVL Rate Rewards Denial "Fuzzy"

Question asked by iphonescott on Apr 7, 2015
Latest reply on May 13, 2015 by smilen_milen

I am more then disappointed, I am angry and feel "cheated" over this policy of denial. I do not like expecting something I feel I have earned and then being told I am not going to receive it. This is just another recent disappointment in my participation with Marriott Rewards. Arguing over late check out, upgrades that don't exist, and slow reply's from Guest Services seems to be the new norm. This is just another example of Marriott tripping over dollar bills to pick up pennies.


A recent stay at the JW DC under the TVL rate only resulted in a reduction of about $40 off the $450 rack rate. That is not worth losing the nights stay and points. After waiting 10 days for the stay to appear in my account I sent a Missing Stay Request. As mentioned by others I also received a  'generic" reply that "Wholesale" rates are not eligible for Rewards. Even more irritating was the comment they were doing me a favor buy not reversing points previously earned with the TVL rate.


More frustrating is the way Marriott all sudden implemented this restriction. I work for a major airline. The TVL code appears on our Discount Page. I have emailed our Employee Travel Office to inform them the TVL code results in limited service and needs to be noted as such.


I just responded to the reply I received from Customer Services. So i guess I don't receive my Platinum check in bonus? Can I use the executive lounge? The entire policy is more then "fuzzy". Is it a wholesale rate or a travel industry rate? Be assured without resolution I intend to aggressively promote to co-workers that Marriott does not want our business unless we pay full price.