Delays in redeeming points for gift cards?

Discussion created by tplyons87 on Apr 2, 2015
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Hi all-


Marriott team, here's to hoping you can help out. To clarify, the last time I ordered several $100 Cabela's gift cards from your SkyMall affiliate, I had them in the eight hours as described in the terms. I'm further concerned that SkyMall Ventures is no longer taking new orders from Marriott Rewards members per this website: Rewards Members: Changes to SkyMall Merchandise Redemption Program


On Wednesday, March 25th, I redeemed 90,000 Marriott Points for 3 x $100 Cabela's eGift Cards from your SkyMall affiliate. Per the usual agreement, I expected them within the eight hour time frame as I needed to purchase equipment for my new home.


On Friday, March 27th, I receive an email from Guest Services Account Auditor stating that my order is pending and will not be processed until I contact them. I called them immediately, who made me verify the order number, my name, billing address, Marriott Rewards number, phone number, and email address. They told me the order would be released immediately.


On Monday, March 30th, I called to inquire about the status of this order and was told the order was released THAT day (three days after being told it would be released) and would receive my eGift Cards in 2-3 days.


On Thursday, April 2nd, I'm once again on the phone with your SkyMall affiliate, and am being told they cannot find out why my order has been delayed, and I can have an answer as to why my order will be delayed in 2-3 days. Not the gift cards, but a reason why they are being delayed will take 2-3 days.


I asked if the person I was on the phone with was a Marriott associate and was sadly informed that he wasn't. This man could not be any more indifferent to my 76 nights a year in your hotels and is indifferent to my inconvenience regarding redemption of my points. This is unacceptable and uncharacteristic of anything related to Marriott and I'm frankly appalled at this.


Can anyone at Marriott shed light on why my order is delayed and when I will be receiving them. At this point, the SkyMall associate I spoke to is telling me I will be receiving my order on April 10th. Last I checked, 16 days is not within the 8 hour turnaround time for this product.