Staying at properties with kitchens, do you expect smells?

Discussion created by zukracer on Apr 5, 2015
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I just recently stayed in Plano Texas at a TPS.  I have to say I've stayed at this property before and other RIs and TPS properties around the country but this is the first I've had where the hotel management not only didn't care about how cooking smells impacted guests but seemed to realize it was an issue but took no action.  I've written this review for the Marriott.com after a fairly poor survey.  3 rooms in one week and the management really didn't seem to care one bit.  Does anyone else expect that folks should have an expectation to having a odor free experience?  I mean I get folks cook but apparently this was a known daily thing where folks seriously were cooking heavy spiced foods that certainly would leave odors, as the room I got first had.


I should say instead of offering anything for compensation (points or something) for having to change rooms 3x and other issues as I was told would happen, the best I got from the hotel's GM was basically lip service saying "we are sorry we did a bad job".  So I'd suggest that if your travels take you to Plano Texas, you avoid the TPS there.... unless as my review states you enjoy random culinary journeys


Perfect for those who enjoy culinary journeys

This hotel was much like any other TownePlace Suites I've visited from the outside. I had actually stayed at this property before and while it was found to be mediocre it was a good value for the price. This trip however would expose me to the hidden gems that lurked inside this property's walls. A culinary experience for everyone, whether you wanted to participate or not. It was in fact such an assault on my olfactory system I questioned how anyone could stand the wait to experience more. After the first day of what could be mistaken for a hot hole in the wall kitchen/lavatory experience, I thought I had found nirvana. Having failed to provide the first memorable experience correctly, I was almost immediately moved to a second room. My thoughts of festive cooking slowly started to dissolve but I was still reminded at each turn the constant mediocrity that surrounded me. Then on my third day of the stay I arrived back to the room to find such a magical, magnificent odoriferous smell I thought I had won the olfactory lottery. I suspect 3 day old road kill in the summer would produce something more festive. The hotel management seemingly is aware of these issues and honestly offered little in the way to correct the situation.

In short, if you enjoy coming "home" to random smells of various culinary journeys by neighbors this is the place for you. If you don't enjoy smelling the kitchen abominations produced in the general vicinity of your room you should probably look else where. There are plenty of other Marriott properties near this one that offer a better experience.