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Good morning, I am writing this email from my hotel room here at the mariott at 12600 Roosevelt blvd N, at Petersburg FL. I just got off the phone with the hotels supervisor, Loria, or Gloria- I couldn't understand her-whom states ( after we booked a down free room due to severe allergies and asthma) - or should I say reccomends that I roll up a bathroom towel to use as a pillow for the night since there are absolutely no pillows left in this hotel. I currently do not have a pillow to sleep on, unless I choose to use my dirty, wet bathroom towel like the wonderful supervisor suggested, or to take a germ filled nasty pillow from one of the couches in the lobby. I seriously do not appreciate this response as it is totally unprofessional. This is the worst case of hospitality management I have EVER seen.  After calling the front desk three times in a matter of two hours after our reservation was incorrect and to net even get a response about receiving down free pillows- just blatantly ignored and pushed aside- I  writing this email and looking to post this on local  reviews.  As a frequent mariott hotel guest I do not see myself returning to this hotel ever again. This is the worst nights sleep I have ever gotten away from home. I would rather take my business elsewhere from now on. Actually anywhere else if this is how Mariotts supervisors are trained. Thank you for a horrible nights sleep!!!