Has anyone else had a hard time getting their RewardsPlus status added?

Discussion created by suzysharp on Apr 2, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2015 by carij

I've been a Marriott Platinum member since 2010 and I have taken advantage of the partnership with United since it started a few years ago. For some reason this year I can't seem to get my status to go through. I have gone through the website multiple times and it always says I am eligible but then it doesn't apply the status in the 7-10 days mentioned. I called Marriott's platinum line and they told me unfortunately they had no control and that I needed to call United. I just got off the phone with United who told me their system shows I am no longer eligible and should contact Marriott. This is extremely frustrating and I do not look forward to the next call to Marriott. Has anyone else had this happen and did you get it resolved? Thanks