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Renaissance Polat Istanbul: Beautiful Property, Great Service

Question asked by mshapiro99 on Apr 11, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2015 by carij

reAfter a long flight from the US to Turkey on Turkish Air on the way to Malaga, Spain (roundabout routing, but cost-friendly!), we stayed overnight at the Renaissance Polat Istanbul Hotel. Although the shuttle was delayed, we were welcomed with open arms. The Elite Check-In desk was staffed and "Filiz" was very patient to answer my million questions. The club-floor rooms were beautifully appointed, and the lounge was well stocked and attended by smiling, helpful people. Filiz recommended a fantastic local restaurant (called Ozkonyali), not a tourist destination, but a place where locals would go for a nice dinner within walking distance of the hotel. Despite the heavy security of the hotel (metal detectors and x-ray machines for baggage) we found the neighborhood safe to walk in and enjoyed a bit of fresh air and leg-stretching after our 10-hour flight. the meal was really excellent -- we don't speak Turkish, so there was a lot of pointing at the menu to order the food, but what we received was authentic and delicious. After a short night of sleep and a quick continental breakfast at the Concierge Lounge, we were back on the way to the airport. At 155 Euro per room per night, the property wasn't inexpensive, but we felt that we got what we paid for and would gladly volunteer to stay there again!