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Istanbul Marriott Courtyard Airport: 2-Stars: Efficient Check In, Unreliable Airport Shuttle, Smoky Room

Question asked by mshapiro99 on Apr 11, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2015 by carij

Overall was disappointed with this experience. We were on a Turkish Air layover and wanted a relaxing evening/sleep before our traveling party of 4 returned to the US via 12-hour flight.


Airport shuttle pickup was late, with no indication of when it would arrive (it turned out to be 40 minutes late), so we cabbed it to the hotel at our own expense.


It took a while to check in, with no fast-track for Gold Elite priority. We were helped by "Selim" who was very friendly and shared some of his experiences in the US, and seemed interested in helping us and ensuring a pleasant stay. He made us restaurant reservations which he said were within a 20 minute walking distance, which would have been OK if we hadn't had to cross 2 major highways in the dark and slide down a big hill to get to the restaurant.

Instead, I would recommend a very nice restaurant, out the drive driveway and 1 block to the right, called Konak Iskender Kebap: inexpensive and delicious, with great service -- but I digress.


Took our luggage to the rooms (2) and the rooms stank of stale smoke. There were lots of warning signs about the 180 Euro penalty for smoking in the room, but it wasn't clear what happened from the previous guests' fines ... clearly not used to deodorize the room, and instead maybe split amongst the staff as a bonus? Awful stench, from a non-smoker. As a Gold Elite, we were told the minibar was free, which would have been great except that it only contained 1 bottle of water, 1 Pepsi, and a couple of bottles of something we weren't interested in. Thanks for the offer, though.


The fitness facility served its purpose ... my wife used it and said the treadmills were fine. The attendant was pleasant and welcoming when we checked it out the night before, and again in the morning.


The room shower was GREAT! Good hot water and water pressure. No joke about the warnings, though ... the water really was hot enough to burn you if you weren't careful.


We wanted breakfast and were informed that the breakfast buffet was 17 Euros per person, with no option for a la carte. Clearly this is where the property makes its money, because our room rates were only 55 Euro per room per night, and there was no way we were going to pay nearly as much for breakfast as we had for staying the night, so we opted to eat at the airport, which sounds strange but the options there were very good and much more reasonably priced.


Funny thing happened when we were taking the airport shuttle back to the airport. We had asked the night before about sign-up procedures and were told not to worry about it, the shuttle seated about 20 people. In the morning, there were 45 people wanting to use the shuttle; maybe 8 with luggage, and the rest looking for a free ride to the airport and an exhibition of some type that was being hosted nearby. There was almost a fistfight as we worked out who was riding that free shuttle. We weren't budging because we were already on board, with our luggage, and had paid for a taxi the night before. 4 women with no luggage insisted that as paying guests, they were entitled to a free ride, and weren't getting off the shuttle. After 40 minutes of argument, hand-wringing among the shuttle driver and hotel staff, and quite a bit of cross-cultural name calling, we finally departed for the airport. How's that for a bit of drama before a 12 hour flight?