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Need advice on Key West

Question asked by clebert on Mar 28, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2015 by superchief1

Have never been to Key West and considering a visit.  Starting from Marco Island, FL, we can either drive, take the Key West Express ferry for about $100-120 per person, or take a charter flight for $199 per person.  Assuming money is no object (which isn't exactly true...), which mode of transportation is best?  MapQuest says the drive from Marco is under 5 hours, but I've heard stories of it actually being 8-12 hours because traffic along the keys can be horrendous.  Is that accurate?  Also, it appears that Marriott has about 4 properties on Key West, including a CY, 2 FFIs, and a Marriott which says it is beachside but doesn't appear to really be on a beach.  Looks like none of the Marriott properties are actually on a beach?  Anywhere other than a Marriott that we should stay?  Is Key West worth visiting at all?  The Marriott property is $459/night so maybe a candidate for points redemption?  Or should we try Key Largo instead?  Or just stay on Marco?  Looks like there is a Marriott with a beach (looks pretty small, but a real sandy beach) in Key Largo.  Our frame of reference for Florida beach resorts are: Marriott Marco Island, Marco timeshares, Ritz Naples on Vanderbilt Beach, and Ritz Amelia Island all of which have fabulous beaches right behind the properties, as well as Ft. Lauderdale Ritz and timeshares and Marriott Sand Key in Clearwater which have beaches across the street, so I'm wondering how the Keys compare.  Any advice on Florida Keys generally would be appreciated!  Thanks!