Beware "Peppers!" restaurant in Budapest Marriott (RESOLVED)

Discussion created by 7 on Mar 30, 2015
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An otherwise nice stay at the Budapest Marriott was marred by my experience at their restaurant: "Peppers!".


When I checked in I noticed multiple fliers in the lobby, the lounge, etc... advertising that Thursday night they had a 50% discount on steak at the restaurant. I mentioned it to my local friend and we made it a point to have dinner there on Thursday night. We were told that the discount was on the steak as part of a 2 course meal, so you had to order a starter or dessert. We both ordered starters, steaks, and sides. It was pretty good and I would've been happy with the experience if I hadn't realized that they did not actually give us the discount. I didn't notice until after I paid and by then it was too much hassle as they had already prepared an official receipt.


I wouldn't be too upset about it if I thought it was a simple mistake, but I had another friend that ate there separately the same night and the same occurred to him. Also, I witnessed a woman at another table have to get a manager to come fix her bill. So, it really seems like it is their plan to lure people in with the promise of a discount and then not give it unless the customer complains.


As I said, the food was good, it's just a shame that they would stoop to such business practices. If you do eat there, just be aware and be sure that you check your bill.



Update: The hotel reached out to me and has taken care of the situation.