Free Night's Marriott Stay Phone Scam

Discussion created by lilyofthevalley on Mar 26, 2015
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Just received a call offering me a free night's stay at a Marriott.  You are asked to press one if you are interested in the stay (which in my sleepy haze, I did). I had just been awakened by the call and when I asked the person to please get to the point of the call (they were going on with a lot of marketing banter), they hung up. My number is registered on the no-call list. The  number that shows is one that is very local to the area - the first three digits are the same as mine. I reported the call as a scam to both my phone company and on a government website.


If you get a call like this, don't press 1, just hang up. And Marriott, this has been in the news from what I have researched - send a message to your loyalty program members to warn of these kind of scams. The fact that I just booked a Marriott room and now I am getting scam calls naming that hotel makes me very uncomfortable. I