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Marriott Rewards being pulled

Question asked by upsetcustomer on Mar 25, 2015

I'm wondering why after so many years and such loyalty to Marriott they have decided to invoke the "29 travel industry rate" clause that does not allow customers who get the travel discount on the room rate to receive Marriott Rewards. I have over 638 stays with Marriott a Platinum Elite Member and I will no longer be able to get reward points if I'm given a discount because I'm a loyal customer. I understand not giving the points to the people that book through priceline, and so forth. But when we book a hotel directly with Marriott we should be given the same respect as the people that are getting the regular rate. That is one of the reasons why I have stayed loyal to Marriott over the years, because I travel a lot and they reward me for being loyal. Unless this "29 travel industry rate" changes there's no reason to be loyal. I wonder if the Hyatt Golden Passport would do this to their members.

Loyal customers, let Marriott know you are unhappy and will move to another company if this does not change back to the way it was.


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