Not Very Happy with Marriott Rewards

Discussion created by frustratedformerlyloyal2marriott on Mar 30, 2015
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I have been loyal to Marriott for well over 15+ years, always staying at a Marriott property when on business or personal travel.  What happened to the rewards program?  It now takes about 2x the rewards to get a room. 


For example, I have been visiting Erie PA for family reasons since Y2000.  The Marriott  hotels there are about the same price as they were then... but now they are about 30k in points instead of 10-15k just over a year or so ago.


I just stayed in a Marriott courtyard on business in NJ off Rt 80 - for 10k points... and the regular price was much more than Erie.  I checked Erie for the same day, and it was 30K. 


Those are just a few examples. 


I have stopped using my Marriott Rewards credit cards (2 of them), and will use the rest of my points.  My plan is to switch to Hilton and Hyatt properties.


It is also worth noting, that I am in the middle of a relocation and will be staying 5 nights a week in a hotel for about 6-8 months.  It would normally be a Marriott, but not now.


For the record - I am a Marriott Lifetime Silver member:

I really dont expect to hear from Marriott, but as a very experienced business traveler, I had to vent.