London: Which Marriott is best?

Discussion created by mkmswim28 on Mar 22, 2015
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Hi! I am planning a 5-night leisure trip to London this fall and I am planning on using points (for the 4 nights + 5th free). Since I am using points, price is not an issue (obviously the only option for London are category 9s with the exception of the recently upgraded London Edition). I was wondering if people had any recommendations on which of the hotels is overall best?


After looking over reviews on TripAdvisor, etc., it looks like the two nicest are the JW Grosvenor House or the Park Lane Marriott (although I could be wrong). It is going to be 3 adults, so we will be doing 2 one bed or get a cot.

Obviously, there are a variety of factors that will play a part in my decision. First off, I am a Gold Elite so I would prefer the hotel that has the better [free] breakfast option (if possible) and the better chance of getting a room upgrade. Secondly, this will be my first trip to London and I would prefer a hotel that is in closer walking distance to the main tourist attractions (or easier to reach via public transportation). Additionally, since there will be 3 of us, are any of the rooms at one of the hotels significantly bigger than one of the others?


Thanks for the help!