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Hotel Technology and HOW!?!

Question asked by inetspy on Mar 20, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2015 by chris0311

TVs/Computer Monitors, BluRays and Telephones...and logging onto the Internet OH MY?


Dearest Marriott Big Geek Bubba... Love you no kidding but seriously HELP!?! I travel 40+ weeks a year, I drag two computers a tablet, two work phones, left my partridge in a pear tree at home. /grin  What do we want MONSTER TVs that are also potentially monster monitors.


In another hotel superchain, in every room on the desk you have the option to hook-up your Phablet or laptop to either a wired connection or bluetooth connection to the sound system that is attached to the their TVs. It is one connector at the back of the desk, comes with a short 5x7 sheet on HOW TO hook it up. BOOM it works. If you cant do this for free in the beginning make it one of the room package options (Upgraded high tech room).


The geeky road warrior in me will thank you. Do any of you have OTHERs have technology wants?


Semper fidelis et paratus! /ALE