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Marriott Packages what is Marriott thinking.

Question asked by 30marine on Mar 22, 2015
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This weekend we discovered that the customer now has to take action to receive benefits from a Marriott Package, The Romance (Couples Getaway) Package.


Our romance offer includes:

• Overnight accommodations
• Champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries
• Breakfast for two at the Fairfield Inn restaurant
$50 credit towards dinner at the King's Wharf Restaurant


There have been some changes in this package:


   Old way; the waiter at the King's Wharf Restaurant would deduct the $50.00 credit from your bill.


   New way: you the customer must go to the front desk to receive their $50.00 credit off their bill.


Do you feel that you the customer should have to go to the front desk to insure that you receive everything that you paid for in a package are received?




This is NOTcustomer Service.