What would You Like to See in a Hotel?

Discussion created by phctourist on Mar 19, 2015
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After 50 years of staying in hotels I have made several observations about how I would design one,


1.Lights! I would offer brightly lit rooms where seniors could read comfortably.  Occasionally, Marriott rooms are not adequately lit for reading.


2.I would provide more towel bars in bath rooms.  Often, we have to request clean towels each day because there is no place to hang a wet towel so that it can dry overnight.


3.  I would place thermostats near the bed so that I can set the temperature to a level that I found comfortable.  Last weekend we stayed in a room where the thermostat was against the window.  The thermometer reading was more than 5 degrees cooler than the center of the room.  Since the thermostat could not be set lower than 65 we could not get the room below 70 and we were uncomfortably warm all night.


4. I would offer light blankets instead of warm comforters for those who like to be cool.


5.  I would offer more electrical outlets.  Marriott has improved in this area over the years, but some hotels still come up short.


6.  I would offer larger night stands or use wall mounted lamps to leave more space on the night stand.


7.  I would design a counter that slopes toward the sink so that water does not pool on the counter.


What would you add to (or subtract from) my list?l Rooms