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Marriott Platinum Rewards Guest Services Complaint!

Question asked by onstandby on Mar 19, 2015
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This year my travels with Marriott have started off very frustrating, with more than 591 nights and 1.5 million points in 7 years, I noticed that some of my Stays were not being reported by the hotels.  I waited patiently for the 10 day period upon check out to pass and would then contact the Platinum desk.  Each time I spoke to someone, they would tell me to submit a copy of the bill, which I did, I would then follow up, this time with a different agent, and would be told it had been posted...


They took little initiative to actually resolve the problem, I spoke to numerous agents and their operation method is the same, no direct contact number to follow up with the initial agent, instead send documentation to their e-mail account or  USPS to their office in Utah and expect the person  who answered to correctly decipher the notes made by the previous agent who tended the call.  With three stays and 8 nights missing in February my patience grew very thin... I couldn't comprehend why it was so difficult to 1. Speak with the same agent in lieu of having to explain the entire scenario to a new agent 2. Upon receipt of the documentation post the missing nights.


One of the agents mentioned that incoming e-mails only stays in their system for a short period of time and unless they follow through on it immediately, it becomes a never ending battle of calling, submitting and praying that it gets resolved!


I was lucky enough to finally reach a Marriott Rewards Basic Desk Agent, home based out of the San Antonio office, who went above and beyond what 5 previous agents had not done to resolve this matter.  I'd like to now take the time to reward Nina with much praise for her efforts in resolving this matter, because I was on the verge of giving my business to another hotel chain.


I had never had any missing stays prior to this and would like to think it's not a common issue but am curious to hear from other Marriott travelers if they've had to endure this frustration?