Above and Beyond - JW Marriott Buckhead

Discussion created by jamaicansarah on Mar 19, 2015
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I would like to nominate Hanna D. for the Spirit to Serve Award. I have stayed at countless hotels worldwide but have never received the personalized service that I received from Hanna. During a recent stay at the JW Marriott Buchkead in Atlanta, GA, I met Hanna while she was working the concierge lounge. Hanna was extremely warm, friendly and treated me like a family member. I didn't feel like I was just in another lounge on yet another business trip away from my family. Instead I felt like I was in the home of a family member; a very welcome treat from the normal rigors of traveling. I had a wonderful conversation with Hanna and learned that she had spent the night prior at the hotel due to a pending snow storm. She di not want to risk getting stuck at home and unable to get to work in order to "care" for her guests. That's what makes Hanna amazing and unique: she doesn't see her job as work. She sees it as an opportunity to care for people who are on the road a lot. Hanna truly understands the needs of all guests but really understands the needs of travelers whoa re frequently on the road and separated from family. Hanna enjoys providing a level of service that bridges the gap between isolated travel and family. From discussions with other workers at the hotel I learned that it is not uncommon for Hanna to go above and beyond for her guests. A few years back she spent an entire week a the hotel due to severe snow because she wanted to make sure she was there to care for her guests. The world at large needs more people like Hanna who truly care about other people. People who will smile at strangers just to make their day or say hello on a busy street just to remind other to slow down for just a minute and be kind.


Hanna's story goes beyond her amazing service but also what brought her to the JW. Hanna immigrated to the US from Ethiopia to have a chance at a better life for her and her family. Despite being a chemist in her home country she was unable to obtain proper certifications in the US due to differences in the education systems. Unable to go back to school to complete the classes necessary to work in her field in the US, Hanna decided that she wanted to find a job where she could just "make people happy." This search to help others landed Hanna in an interview with the wonderful folks at Marriott. Marriott received a huge blessing that day as they hired Hanna. A blessing that all travelers staying at the JW Marriott Buckhead will be able to enjoy. If I had the ability to steal Hanna and put her on my team I absolutely would. Needless to say I'll now by making the JW Marriott Buckhead my hotel of choice in Atlanta, if for no other reason than to experience Hanna and her amazing presence.