Myanmar - Inle Lake - Boat Ride, Races and Views - 27 Feb 2015

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Myanmar's Inle Lake region in the Shan State. Fisherman use unique rowing technique while standing on the stern of the boat. This is so they can see over the floating vegetation growing on the lake. The floating gardens are anchored with long pieces of bamboo thrust into the lake bed so that the "floating gardens" will not float away. Tomatoes are the primary crop of this "hydroponic" gardening. Life on Inle Lake can be a house above the water on stilts without walkways to connect one to your neighbors. This area is unique for their lotus fiber woven fabrics... fine, luxurous and very silky and rare... originally used in clothes for Monks.

It was very interesting to see the local boat races at Inle Lake and the technique that was used!!! Some members of our Abercrombie and Kent Tour Group particpated in the third race!!