Ritz Carlton Club Level vs All Inclusive Vacation

Discussion created by stratman560 on Mar 14, 2015
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Hello Insiders.  I need some help from some of you who have experienced the Club Level before to help give me some feedback.  My Girlfriend and I are looking to get away late this summer for about five days hopefully and we are talking about Hotel options, Packages, Etc.  She knows I'm a Marriott Loyalist and while I don't think she really cares where we stay in terms of brand we have been talking about options and the subject of all-inclusive packages keeps coming up.  My question, for those of you who have done the Club Level stays at RC, did you find that having The Club as your hangout provide enough in terms of food, drink, etc., to get you by most of the time you were at the RC?  I realize there is a bit of a difference in terms of an all-inclusive hotel package and a RC Club Level Stay, but my thought is even if we spring for some drinks, food, etc., by the the pool or somewhere other than the club, it would still probably be about the same, or in some cases cheaper, (RC Cancun) than some of the all-inclusive packages at some of the Marriott/Renaissance Resorts I've seen around the same time.  Also, I am a RC Credit Card holder, so I would be burning one of the Club Upgrade Certificates and also using the $100 resort credit for the stay, which although I know I can't use for alcohol I believe, would off-set any food we buy outside the club.  Anyway, any input from those of you who have done both an all-inclusive vacation and an RC Club Level Stay and what are your thoughts about these two and which might be better for us?  My Girlfriend and I are both in our mid 30's and are looking for a quieter resort to relax in.  We have looked seriously at the RC Cancun later this summer as well as some Indonesian and China RC's as well.  Any insight is greatly appreciated!!  Thanks!!Ri_inc