Buying Euros

Discussion created by pluto77 on Mar 13, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2015 by chris0311

With the euro rapidly declining, is anyone thinking about buying euros now?  Why or why not?


razorbackfan started a poll - Buying Euros.  Unfortunately, polls, like how the blogs used to be until communitymanagers kindly rescued them for us (and we are ever grateful), do not get any "airplay" on the "Big Board" once they've made their initial splash.  I thought her topic regarding buying euros was an excellent one, so in an effort to save her poll and provide the topic with more potential exposure, I thought I'd piggyback it with a discussion post, which unlike polls will continue to get "airplay" so long as there is interest.


So please tell us your thoughts (do it here, please to keep the subject alive) regarding this topic, and don't forget to do the poll too.  Thanks.