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Question asked by mgcandfnc on Mar 13, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2015 by jerryl

I am currently Platinum and potentially about to roll over to Platinum Life (750 nights & 2M points +)


At the end of the awards year 2013 I had 11 nights rolled over into my 2014 year.  In 2014 we posted exactly 75 nights, therefore (coincidently) a total of 86 for 2014.  However when we moved forward into 2015 the MR team indicated that the 11 extra nights for 2015 (86 - 75) could not roll forward saying that this included rolled over nights.


So my question is what is the point of rolling over nights if this happens at the end of the next year ?  I am not particularly precious about this but trying to get my brain around the maths of it.  One interpretation is that you can roll over nights to retain a status level -- in this case Platinum -- but only once.  Just asking the question so that other members can discuss or enlighten everyone on their experiences with roll over nights.

Cheers Murray