Blue Moon Autograph hotel in Miami Beach....

Discussion created by andjess22 on Mar 9, 2015
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Will never stay here again and will never recommend. Too many reasons however, let's start with the fact that we had to wait until 5:30pm to check In and then, was told that the room we reserve will not be available at all. We then had to accept either a lower type room, at the same cost or be charged 1 nite fee to cal. To make matters worse, they insulted me by saying there is no manager on duty to talk to and I'll have to wait until Monday if I want to talk to anyone. (we checked in on Saturday)


Next, at 3:30pm, our room was still not made up. When I went to the front desk to complain, was told, "oh, you want your room cleaned?" Imagine, asking a Hotel that charges over $200 a night to clean your room?


Lastly, when they did not provide the hotel room that I  reserved, I wanted to cancel my reservation and was told, if I do so, I will be charged 1 night stay.


So to summarize, they did not honor the reservation and when I wanted to cancel, they stated they would charge me the cost of a 1 night stay.


PS. They offered me a free breakfast. When we went to use it, we discovered it wasn't for breakfast but rather for a free coffee.  Even this they lied to us!!!


Carpe Diem!!!