You owe it to yourself to take advantage of the Emirates Promotion.

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If you have never flown Emirates before then a 15-20%discount is a great way to be introduced to an airline. I find it funny that Emirates would target Marriott members with this promotion because I always use this as my number one reason to fly with them; "Emirates (also Qatar Airways and Etihad) is the Ritz Carlton and every other american owned airline is a Motel 6". Well to be fair some companies like Southwest and Jet Blue try very hard and are usually super nice to you. I remember the first time I flew with Emirates all I could think of was all the money I had wasted on Delta and US Airways. So used to being treated like dirt that I thought that is what the flying experience was. It's not and the only way to get them to start treating you like a person is to sample the opposition.


This was my experience with Business Class with Emirates. It started with the quality of the seat, just kidding it started hours before that. It started with the luxury Volvo (Mercedes if you fly First) that picked me up and took me to the airport. Dropped off at the business class desk which was a separate area from Economy. Flew through security and was in the posh Business class lounge in a few minutes. Once it was time to board I was escorted from the Lounge to the gate and straight on the plane. Now we can get to the seat part. A leather (ish) chair that is roomy and comfortable. It also turns into a lie flat bed. Actually it turns into whatever you want it because it is fully adjustable. Also it's a massage chair with zone controls. So I sit down and I am immediately offered a choice between Champagne, OJ and I think tea. Of course I took the champagne. In front of me is a huge touchscreen T.V with access to thousands of new movies and t.v shows. It also has numerous other cool features such as the camera views from the tail of the plane and the front belly. Once in the air it was time for the food and beverages. I got a menu with top shelf alcohol and a choice between two three course meals. I had Foi Gras as an appetizer and delicious beef as the main course. A good selection of wines was available and they were not shy about pouring it. After the meal, a couple of movies and a few glasses of Cognac (no extra charge for all that alcohol) it was time to sleep. I was asked if I  wanted a memory foam top to put on top of my seat (I did). Tossed it on my seat, pressed the button to make the seat lie flat and it was off to the best sleep I have ever experienced on an airplane. That plane was just a 777. The A380 has more features(A FULL BAR) to take advantage of. I could spend hours raving about all the features and the staff but you get the gist.


I always thought you needed to fly a private jet for that kind of service. Nope, 9 hour flight in one direction, $2300 round trip ticket. So to wrap this up my fellow Marriott family members you owe it to yourself to experience flying with either Emirates, Qatar Airways of Etihad. All my international travel is done with Emirates now and it is only by taking your money elsewhere can you affect change. Even Emirates economy is very nice as well and with that discount it is worth checking it out