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Amsterdam,Ghent,Brussels. Need advice on side trips and places not to miss

Question asked by meme08 on Mar 4, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2015 by fschumpert

WWhenever planning a European vacation I always find the help of the Inside Community invaluable. In September my husband and Ai will spend 5 days in Ghent ( with side trips to Bruges, Antwerp, Lille), 2 days in Brussels and then take Thalys to Amsterdam. We plan on staying at Marriotts in each city. We went to Amsterdam on our honeymoon in the 70s so we would like to retrace our steps there and perhaps spend a day in The Hague,a day in Delft, and then somewhere else. All the time making Amsterdam Marriott our home base.

ANy advice would be much appreciated. I have perused the great photos that Jerrycoin has posted and will definitely take ProfChiara's advice and make a res at House of Elliott in Ghent Any more ideas?