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Should I be upset?

Question asked by cfo314 on Mar 10, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2015 by chris0311

I am attending a conference at the Tampa Waterside and was trying to book a suite with a hotel representative via email. She outlined the various prices for the Governor, Luxury and King Suite and I selected the smallest King suite which were at negotiated rates for the conference. I then advised her of the suite prices at the Westin across the street which were much less expensive ($359 for presidential suite, 1800 SF) and asked if she could match prices for the larger suites accordingly. The representative advised she could not give me the Governor Suite for a discount but the Luxury Suite at the discounted rate. I thought she offered the middle Luxury Suite for the King Suite rate to compete with the Westin. She then advised she could not honor the King Suite Rate for the Luxury Suite, despite her previous email or the comparables at the Westin.


I am very unhappy with the experience and was looking forward to visiting the Waterside Hotel again. Should I be upset about this?


First-world problems I know, and I am just Gold at Ritz and SPG and have had better experiences from other H-chains when doing booking suites. I am considering staying across the street at the non-conference hotel for the principle of the thing.