Room service with Marriott

Discussion created by chris0311 on Mar 3, 2015
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I had a recent stay at the " Manila Marriott Hotel" and the food was exceptional. So good in fact that I saw very little reason to seek outside restaurants. There was no need when I could have good food delivered to my room where wearing pants was optional (lame joke). As you can imagine my bill was enormous at the end of the stay but I felt it was well worth it. I then traveled to Dubai and stayed at another Marriott. The food there was bland and "meh". I'm not going to post the name because the hotel itself was wonderful and it seems unfair to say anything bad about such a nice property. It did however get me thinking about all my experiences with Marriott's room service. Overall I believe it could use an overhaul. With some very rare exceptions I have found the food to be below average across the board.


What has been your experience with Marriott's room service or restaurants? Are you impressed overall or do you head outside to look for a restaurant without even bothering to look at the menu? I know most people skip room service but I consider it a part of the experience of staying at a hotel. Thoughts and comments folks?