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Is there a flaw in Rollover nights?

Question asked by dannyjswann82 on Mar 2, 2015
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I'm hoping someone can help with a query for rollover nights because from what I can see, they actually don't count for anything.

The link below is what is described on the Rewards website

Elite Rollover Nights FAQs Page


In my personal example, which I queried with Marriott Rewards,

In 2014, I stayed 129 nights.

51 of these were rolled over from 2013.

My expectation is that the 51 count towards maintaining my Platinum status.

75 nights, minus 51 means I need 24 paid nights. As I had 78 paid nights (129 - 51), I therefore expected to roll over 54 nights into 2015 (78 paid - 24 used towards maintaining status = 54)


What Marriott Rewards told me was:

What has actually happened is from 129 nights in total, 51 have been deducted as they were roll over, leaving 78 nights paid. 75 needed to maintain status therefore rolled 3 nights.


On that basis, what did the 51 roll over nights actually achieve or count towards? As far as I can see, nothing. However, if I am fundamentally missing something here, I'd be grateful to be corrected.

The other reason I question this is I have rolled nights for the last 4 or 5 years and it has never been done like this so I question if something has been changed. I asked them to send me my last 4 years statement summaries but no resposne.

As I've just been made a Platinum Premier I decided to send it to their 24 hour dedicated team... because I think that's all you get for being Platinum Premier.

Grateful for any help or answers people may have.