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Not credited for a stay booked under TVL code

Question asked by beenaroundtheworld on Feb 28, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2015 by solkua

I recently stayed at the Marriott CDG airport using a travel industry rate code "tvl". It was not a super discounted rate the night was EUR 143.00.

Did not get normal credit had to call INTL customer care and ultimatelly Marriott Rewards. Was informed this was a "famtastic" rate and a corporate rate and not eligible for stay or points?? Have received credit on the travel industry rate on previous stays at this hotel and others. Saw discussions treads from the early 2000s, most recently 2012, with members having similar experiences. Per the research on the 2012 discussion -- the answer was TVL should be credited as a stay under Marriott Rewards Rules.


On the rate rules nothing is stated about being ineligible for rewards credit.  On the rules page Marriott Associate and Friends and Family rates are exempt from credit and it also appears as a blurb in those specific rate rules. This sounds like a coding issue to me similar to medical coding errors. If the code is off you don't get credit. The Rewards Supervisor is calling this a contract rate -- which they define in parenthis on their rules page as rooms booked by a company at an ongoing basis?!? Also very confusing.


Any one out there experienced this problem recently?? Suggested to Marriott Rewards if this is the case they could easily update the rate rules and program rules so Reward Members looking for credit would avoid this rate option. If it is a coding problem do you need to take it up with the hotel on check out?? Or, how do you received credit?? This appears to be an ongoing issue and it really should be addressed and clarifiled ASAP.