Advanced Purchase Rate fluctuation trends

Discussion created by 7 on Feb 26, 2015
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Do rates typically only go up as the stay approaches? I am going to Budapest next month and the group I'm visiting wants to make me a reservation at Le Meridien as they have the per diem rate. I asked if I could state at the Marriott instead and they said that they also had the agreed upon per diem rate and would make a reservation for me. I checked online and saw that Advance Purchase rate was within per diem, so I almost made the reservation myself, but since they said they were I waited. Now they got back to me and said that the Marriott had no room available at that rate, so they are wanting to go back to putting me at Le Meridien.


From yesterday to today the Advance Purchase rate jumped to where it is now above per diem and the government rate is available, but it is even higher than per diem than the advanced purchase rate. I was surprised at this since the details of the rate said it was for 7 days advanced purchase and we still have weeks to go before we pass that.


So, it looks like I'll be staying at Le Meridien, but I was just wondering what the odds are the Advance Purchase rate might drop back down?


Also, what is the point of having a government rate that is higher than per diem and and also higher than regularly available flexible rates?