Make life easier for both Marriott and customer by profiling at check in that rewards members are already aware of how certain brands breakfast hours work.  Am I wrong?

Discussion created by jrichar2 on Feb 24, 2015
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I think life would be so much easier for front desk staff at Fairfield Inns, Springhill Suites for the most part, that I am fully aware of how the breakfast set up works.


I think it is very nice and I have absolutely no issue with the staff addressing this but if there was a check on the computer screen saying they don't need to tell me this, I believe things would be much "simpler" for both parties. 


I have been in a line where I have heard the front desk staff tell this to the the three or more parties in a row checking in.  I want to sa, but will not due to sounding rude, I already heard how it works.


Just trying to make life easier and if I'm wrong please let me know.