Acknowledgement of a returning  customer?

Discussion created by jrichar2 on Feb 23, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2015 by pluto77

The Marriott hotels have been very good to me for the most part over the years.  My one frustration that I have never commented on until now after being a member since 1998 is "Why can't they remember if I've been to the hotel before?' 


I have checked into the same hotels many times and I always get that question "have you been here before?"  I feel like asking the question "Do you still use rotary phones at this hotel?" 


Aren't we in a technological era where "John Doe" will be noted that he has been at the specific property "X" amount of times in the past? 


It is very annoying to be checking in to a property that I have stayed at over ten times in a year and the front desk person says have you ever been here before?


What am I a missing here?