Residence Inn LA Live

Discussion created by curiousone on Feb 23, 2015

This July I will be taking the Amtrak from Union Station in LA to Seattle, the Coast Starlight. (I used 15,000 SPG points to pay for a sleeper room). Since my plan is to fly over the morning that the train leaves at 10:30AM and I needed to make sure I would have time to get from LAX to Union Station, I decided to take a Sat/Sun trip to LA this last weekend. I was thinking that I would be able to take Metro rail from LAX to Union station. On Saturday morning when I was 1+ hours into the Metro train ride, it became obvious that taking Metro was not a good choice. We jumped off at a stop that was about 4 blocks from the RI at LA Live (Big entertainment complex in downtown LA.) at 11AM and tried for an early check in. We were told that there was a room available, but it need to be cleaned. They got my cell phone and said that it should be available in "about 45 minutes". We walked up to the Grand Central Market and started lunch with McConnell's ice cream and then had a lox and bagel from Wexler's deli. We got back to the RI after 1 1/2 hours and were told the room was not available! We were told that it need to be "inspected" to make sure it was ready. After 30 minutes I was told it still was not ready. After another 30 minutes we were finally checked into our room. I understood that checking in at 11AM was a push, but it would have been much better if they would have under promised and over performed, instead of over promised and under performed.


This RI is one of the new CY/RI buildings that are popping up. Across the street from it is a JW Marriott that also has a Ritz Carlton attached to it. There is a sign in the parking lot next to the CY/RI that says a Renaissance will open in late 2016. It looks like Marriott is taking over the LA Live area.


The RI has a large "RI lounge" on the second floor that served a very good breakfast. There was a large tour group that had to leave for the airport that pretty much over ran the RI Lounge, but they managed to handle it without any problems.


Since I decided to not use the Metro rail for my July trip, I decided to try Uber on the trip to the airport. This was my first Uber trip and when I mentioned that to one of the valets at the front of the RI he mentioned that he drove for Uber and gave me  $20 code to apply to my trip to LAX! The Uber trip was very quick and efficient and cost $19.52, so my trip to the airport was free, except for the tip. I really like that you can get a fare estimate from Uber before your trip. I will definitely use Uber to get from LAX to Union Station in July.